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Symbiotic Lime-Stone Quarry Phantoms

- Yes my marble eyes are still working    

     Nerves of my pain
     Embedded in this street
     Where you are strolling

The Surrealist group in Stockholm, with friends, invite to their exhibition

Location: Nationalgalleriet, Skomakargatan 3 in Gamla Stan

Opening: Saturday June 11 at 18 - 21

Opening hours June 12 - 18  15 - 21


Paintings, drawings, collective projects, sound, scents, video sculpture and poetry readings near the place of the skull.

Book table in the gallery with publications from the 25-year history of the Surrealist Group.

Sphinx Bokförlag presents the newly republished swedish translation of Surrealismens manifest by André Breton.


Joel Abrahamsson

Christian Andersson

John Andersson

Johannes Bergmark

Peter Bigestans


 Paul Cowdell

 Christofer Dahlby

Jonas Enander

Kim Fagerstam

Çeren Findik

Merl Fluin

Mattias Forshage

Helgi Fridjonsson



Patrick Hourihan

Riyota Kasamatsu

C M Lundberg

Robert Lindroth

Emma Lundenmark

Niklas Nenzén

Gabriella Novak

Eva Kristina Olsson


Sphinx Bokförlag

Theoni Tambaki

Tippi Tillvind

Ika Österblad






where the vague stairs went nowhere
and the roof which was too large a bite





I remember no one alive, just skin´simages
and puzzle pieces cut out from my sand dad.





larval and azure, the tracheal glister
conquers the breastbone in boreal daylight









A secret pleasure is more delightful than the birth.





Sweets are snowing 
It makes no difference 
The evening is an elan









a damp track through the head into the mist chamber
A track one is not allowed to lick on as a child




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