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Riyota Kasamatsu


  Askew clang blind bang

(from Lucifer, 2000)





Skin ear

Think clear listen last in a door without surface,
read from the book, so that hopefulness, is strengthened, by real tears,
like that slowly, maybe slight like that lowly

Smiled skin, I shined in to,
not that I couldn't predict or remember,
cast sleeping ear, rageing,
can't remember more than gravel pit, tired, brushy, but tender.

Boneless weight played on an ice clarinet,
every other time the night membrane hits, the drum
it dropped jump shells,
think slime lasted rubbed and a fool´s toe and hammer.



Ragged pump or lumpenpumpen 

The tower rose, like a seal in rosette water,
skeletons, briquettes in askew path,
happens spreads and takes an other canon,
taste draft, fragment of a rotating sea,
your crumbled hub,
can't you see that the soldiers can sleep,
in my muffled, threatening, serene, crackling, piled, rageing
     crackle eye
you cat devil, what kind of thoughts do you have in your floss,
     you little look devil
hate, booze out, spray shoot, bang birds and eat sausage,
take everything with you, before the sun hits down,
the ground rubs the thought and tastes pink
and the fleas love diligently with the voice of violet court shoes.



Creak needle

Scatter spread yarn in the night sun
cut sundials checkers if the strums
hits hard loose in other arms
poor merciless spring cock
you petty shit corpse
give me my distress
I red gas to taste
tell fortunes raga gas, take a swig, a jerk off in a little sly dog
that distended stares
crackles in hugs about thick flank
I bet that scholarship you screw
my mine legacy
straws in the slope, take an embrace, rest the socket
I have your head as a witness






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